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15in Stealth Vacuum Head and Telescopic Wand
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15in Stealth Vacuum Head and Telescopic Wand

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The new Stealth Brush has improvements including a new short cord that plugs into the all new Stealth Wand. The old style Stealth had a 40" cord that ran up the metal wands. The new one handsomely integrates the cord into the telescopic wand. Stealth is now ONLY AVAILABLE with it's new wand. Upgrading an older system? A compatible hose is all that is necessary. The Electric Hose on from M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. will fit, as well as all older Stealth, Ace, EdgeLift, BlackHawk, most Nutone, and others. If there is two inches between the button lock nipple on the hose end and the two holes where the pins go into the hose handle then the new Stealth with Wands will fit perfectly.

Product Details:
Product Length: 8.75 inches
Product Width: 15.0 inches
Product Height: 3.5 inches
Average Customer Rating: based on 5 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 5 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5Not sorryJun 29, 2014
By Eric Leberg
I had problems with the original, and went on line for repairs. The videos were way over my head so I got a new one. Then I discovered the actual problem was the electrical connection shorting out. Check out your plug, before you decide to buy this expensive unit.

5Good headSep 19, 2013
By Mignon Frostick
Quality, Have used it and used it. Especially like the design wiith the side edge that protruds with brushes below for picking up in the small spots.

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515in Stealth Vacuum Head and Telescopic WandApr 07, 2013
By Bimmerman2
Get rid of the POS standard wand that came with your central vac system. This thing is pretty nice, and is much lighter than many of the others.

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5wow!!!!!Aug 28, 2013
By Gary L. Nelson
omg,,, Omg, OMG!!!!!!!!! We have been using a Beam carpet master PLUS for the past several years. One room was cleaned and the carpet was then scotch guarded. Passing the powerhead over the treated carpet just killed the head and took dozens of passes to get the beater bar to actually do something- replaced belts and did everything we could but with little success. After dealing with four dogs and two cats (hair(, it was time for a change. Spoke to a rep here and after explaining what we had, she recommended this powerhead. Got it this morning and popped it on so quickly and went at the Master bedroom. NOTE: I emptied the central vac collection base before starting....anyway,, completed the master room and here is the outcome: Please note that I bought the head alone due to it fitting the Bean tube I had which is OK, but the head is a stealth/ Elite unit.
1-set the height to center, where the red light would only come on just a bit.
2- Moving the unit around was almost a dream, like it just floated on the carpet
3- movement was so easy and almost like a real pleasure- if that's possible
4-Quiet, I mean QUIET!!!! WOW, it was so scary
5-You could hear the debris flowing thru the vacuum tube so shocking.
6- Finished the one room and went to check the central vac collection canister- popped the unit apart and took it into the house to show others while laughing all the way- it had almost filled the vessel. Funny thing, I really couldn't see that much on the carpet but there it was. Holy........
7- All this coming from a guy too,,, I have not seen much that blows me away but WOW,,, this thing was quiet, moved so nicely and took one pass to get things (of course I did more)
8- The carpet looks like it did 6 years ago, this cogged belt system really makes a difference in performance and worth every penny. I recall my conversation with the rep and saying to myself,,, ok,, 250 (for the head only),,,,, well, got to do something. After using it, seeing how easy and smooth it runs and (shamefully what it collected)what it picked up- BEST!!!!! money I EVER PAID!!!! and to think I was looking at another model for a few bucks cheaper- this unit has a easy height adjustment and the edge vac, the design, the lightness, the quietness- need I say more.... thanks central vac for your genuineness and recommendation here.

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1Worst vacuum EVER!!!Mar 20, 2014
By Eric Catron
I have never written a review of anything, but have found this product to be so awful that I had to leave a comment just to save others from wasting their money. I have used many vacuums in my life, some the in house style system, and others the kind that just plug into the wall. This is by far the worst product I have ever come across. Let me give you some reasons.
1) While vacuuming, if you lift the head off the ground dust, dirt, dog hair, grime, and whatever else is in your carpet will spray everywhere and cause an allergy attack if you are prone to such an outcome.
2) the hose and vacuum head are almost impossible to pull apart after they are connected. Actually put over 100 lbs of pressure on it trying to pull them apart and did not succeed.
3) storing is hard as the whole apparatus takes up a ton of room compared to a vacuum that just plugs into the wall like the upright vacuum cleaners made by bissel or other companies.
4) which leads me to my next point; price. This vacuum is so much more expensive that just getting an upright vacuum cleaner that will work better for you, as in two or three times more expensive.
5) It is so terrible at completing its task, it made me come online and comment on how terrible it is.

Thank you for your time. Never buy this product or you too may be enraged to the point of internet posting. If I can save one person from this product, then I will be happy.

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